Why Tera

Fresh, authentic portraits. That’s my tagline and I believe in it with every photo I create. I want my images to convey a wholesome, engaging, fresh feel while maintaining the authenticity of the individual. The real inner beauty of a person. I love that and strive to capture it in every session. 

I do that by coaxing a connection, engaging my subject, ensuring there is eye contact, and conveying energy and emotion in the photo. Often times, parents wonder what I’ve really captured because much of the session seems like I’m only playing with their children.

I simply "get" kids and kids are drawn to me. I love everything about them. The snotty nosed, demanding, pouty toddler? Love that kid. The tween that’s a little self-conscious but quietly fierce. Love that kid. The toothless, freckle-faced little boy that only has a cheesy grin?  Love that kid! I have a lot of experience with children with autism too. Love those kids in particular! (Be sure to check out my Faces of Autism portrait project currently in progress.)

And if adults are a part of the picture, well, I believe we are all just kids at heart so your session will be playful and fun too. I want you drop your guard, be yourself and relax. And don’t worry, I know what I’m doing so you can trust that I will do my best to make you look your best.

I believe in personally retouching each image to digitally develop your images the way I intended when I clicked the shutter. I believe in answering my own emails. I believe in working with you to customize your session. I value my clients and want to provide you with a stress free experience. An experience you can’t wait to tell all your friends about.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk. Poke around the site. Ask questions. Look at images. Read the blog posts. But make sure to sign up on for my e-newsletter and like my page on Facebook. I want to keep in touch with you!

Just for fun...some random facts about me... I am mom to three boys and yes, bless my heart. I’ve been told there’s a special place in heaven for moms of all boys and I’m pretty sure they have cocktails. I’m not a perfect mom but I’m the perfect mom for them. I have personal experience with autism. I love peanut butter ice cream. I don’t drink coffee but I like coffee shops. I hate having blood drawn. No, really. I’m a not-so-closeted geek and enjoy the sci-fi movies with my kids as much as they do. Spring is my favorite time of year. I want to buy a kayak because I love being on the water. I love learning people’s stories. I savor Sundays. I choose to reside in gratitude and optimism in every aspect of my life. And I can’t wait to work with you.